Constructed Space: Art by Colby Brewer

A photo of a rooftop artworkwRonGsiDe, neon, steel, aluminum

Colby Brewer’s art practice is enigmatic and often ethereal, focusing more on experience and presence than on static objects. Through outdoor installations, video pieces, and site-specific walks, the artist explores the nature of constructed space.

A photo of a lighting installation that brackets a sign on a rooftopwRonGsiDe, neon, steel, aluminum


As we saw in our previous feature of Colby’s viewpoints in spaces, occasionally the artist constructs a work in which the audience is given a specific set of instructions for the viewing. In other works, however, a lot of tangible and explanatory information is deliberately withheld, turning relatively mundane buildings and locations into new and interesting experiential spaces. In Colby’s series, wRonGsiDe, for example, a local building with a large and recognizable sign placed on its roof is photographed from odd angles and accompanied in video form by a series of strange and disorienting sounds.

The front page of Colby Brewer's art websiteThe front page of Colby's website

I enjoy the way Colby encourages viewers to re-examine seemingly innocuous spaces for all the hidden meanings and interpretations that might exist. I hope to see more recent work from Colby in the future.

A photograph of an art installation consisting of a steel fencefix, steel folding security gate with rivets removed and drill bits left in place

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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