Eggshell Mosaics: Art by Linda Biggers

An eggshell mosaic depicting a sailboat on still waterAfternoon on the Sacandaga, eggshell mosaic

Linda Biggers is a mixed media artist based in New York. Much of Linda’s artwork takes the form of eggshell mosaics, through which the artist renders landscapes and figures in a uniquely textured fashion.

A mosaic artwork of a canoe on moonlit waterSacandaga Evening, eggshell mosaic


I like the way that Linda utilizes her medium to portray a range of textures and lighting in complex scenes. For example, in a few works, the texture of rippling water is rendered using many alternating pieces of dark and light-colored eggshell – like in Sacandaga Evening, where blue, purple, and pale yellow create the look of moonlight reflecting off water.

The front page of Linda Biggers art websiteThe front page of Linda's portfolio website


Some of the artist’s recent mosaic works also showcase the skill with which Linda is able to render movement in this medium. Her recent works with dancing figures create an impressively loose and gestural feel, especially considering the meticulousness of the medium itself. I also enjoy the contrast between her eggshell mosaics, and her mixed media mosaics, the latter of which tend to focus more on the texture of the medium itself.

A mosaic of a red dahlia made with glass and other materialsRed Dahlia (detail), mixed media, tempered glass, and stained glass mosaic

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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