Theatrical Masks and Headdresses by Pamela Schuller

A photo of a paper-mache face maskWearable face mask

Based on Ontario, Pamela Schuller is active in fine arts and theatre, producing works that blur the lines between the two. Pamela has been involved in numerous workshops and art projects to engage communities in the arts – often helping participants create theatrical masks and headdresses.

A colorful paper-mache face maskWearable face mask

In our previous feature of Pamela’s dramatic masks, we saw how the artist begins each mask with a cast of the wearer’s face – often her own. I really enjoy the most recent masks in Pamela’s portfolio, most of which are flowing, twisting creations that extend out into space high above the wearer’s true face, functioning as both a face covering a headdress of sorts.

A screen capture of Pamela Schuller's art websiteThe mask page on Pamela's art website


The color scheme for these masks is very Mardi-Gras esque, with blues and purples forming the base tones and stripes of bright, warm tones adding volume. The majority of the masks appear quite festive, and would certainly be ideal for a dance or celebration of some kind. Pamela also makes custom masks, available through her portfolio website.

A photo of a handmade theatrical maskWearable face mask

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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