Documentary Style Nature Photographs by Dean Osgood

A photo of a yellow irisYellow Iris

Dean Osgood takes documentary style nature photographs with bright, natural lighting and colors. Dean’s style emphasizes a central figure or focal point viewed head-on through a frank, close-up lens.

A photograph of a grey catMy cat Tigger

I really enjoy Dean’s recent series Larger than Life. The photographs in the series are of animals, insects, and floral subjects, presented in a poster style with polished white framing. Looking at the series as a whole, I get a sense of a lot of deep, jewel-tones greens where the artist has focused his lens on areas of dense grass or garden shrubbery to capture an animal or insect up close. In some cases, like in his photographs of a spider or a dragonfly, the subject is photographed at the macroscopic level to reveal fascinating details.

The Larger Than Life photo gallery on Dean Osgood's art websiteDean's Larger than Life gallery


In our previous feature of Dean’s work, we noticed how the artist tended to use water as a motif in his photographic compositions. In Larger than Life, Dean seems to have departed from this, and I look forward to seeing how his practice will progress in the future.

A close up photograph of a wheel bugWheel Bug

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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