Positive Emotions: Artwork by Cécile Blanche Bekolo Koe

An artwork depicting two female figures in bright traditional dressUntitled

Cécile Blanche Bekolo Koe creates artworks that evoke positive emotions, and joyful movement. Born in Cameroon, Cécile has travelled around the world and is now based in Brossard, Quebec, where she continues to produce artwork that combines a multitude of styles and disciplines.

A painting of four figures dancingUntitled


I love the sense of movement that’s present in the majority of Cécile’s works. The artist studied calligraphy for a period of time, and I can spot where this training influenced her artistic style. Particularly in her Dance series, the dancing figures seem to emulate calligraphic letterforms, with fluid, abstracted limbs depicted in solid black.

The front page of Cecile Blanche Bekolo Koe's art websiteThe front page of Cécile’s art portfolio website


In our previous feature of Cécile’s joyful, positive artworks, we looked at the way the artist utilizes sparing but bright color, and abstracted forms to create her images. I am interested to see how the artist’s practice has progressed in recent years.

An artwork depicting four figures dancingUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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