An Experimental Approach: Art by Erin Burge

An abstract painting using thick splashes of paintUntitled, acrylic on wood panel

Erin Burge is a Kelowna-based tattooer and visual artist. In her visual art practice, Erin takes an experimental approach, combining media and style to create images that range from straightforward black and white portraiture to colorful abstractions.

An artwork combining a portrait with abstracted paintingJess, acrylic and graphite on canvas

In our previous features of Erin’s realistic tattoo portraits we’ve looked mostly at the artist’s ink designs. It’s interesting to get a glimpse, from Erin’s art portfolio site, of how her sketches and paintings on traditional media inform her professional tattoo work. I can clearly see the relationship between the artist’s black and white portraits and her detailed, realistic tattoo designs.

A screen capture of Erin Burge's visual art websiteThe front page of Erin's art website


Erin’s color works and abstract paintings often seem as though the artist is testing out different color combinations, seeing how different hues play against each other on canvas, panel, or paper – to better understand how they might eventually play on skin. I look forward to seeing more of Erin’s recent visual and tattoo artworks.

A colorful abstract paintingCelestial Universe, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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