Tropes of the Contemporary Era: Art by Timothy Innamorato

A painting of a smartphone with Bill Murray's face on itbottled Bill hands, oil on canvas

Timothy Innamorato is a New York based painter who sometimes uses his practice as a way to critique and satire common tropes of the contemporary era. Timothy’s works are primarily figurative, though his compositions are often surreal, incorporating elements of cubism and abstract expressionism.

A patterned painting depicting many small creaturesmitagating evelution, oil on canvas


The motif of the smartphone, a code for many current forms of digital communication, runs in a number of Timothy’s recent paintings. The horrors of the digital world are rendered in sometimes nightmarish detail, where the artist combines exaggerated, confrontational female nudes with wildly inventive biological forms – some recognizable living creatures, some slightly more demonic.

A screen capture of Timothy Innamorato's gallery of new paintingsTimothy's gallery of new works

Timothy’s painting style itself is consistent throughout his many compositions. The artist’s hand renders oil paints in a smooth, blended fashion, with figures just loose enough to maintain a gestural sensibility while remaining easy to pinpoint. This painting method lends itself both to inventive, psychedelic scenes and the peaceful landscapes and portraits that also feature in Timothy’s portfolio.

A painting of a strange figure on a blue backgroundand the vision was, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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