Plants and Animals: Photography by Brandi Maher

A photograph of a silhouetted tree at sunsetTree of Life

Colorado-based photography Brandi Maher takes colorful photos of the plants and animals around her. Brandi’s photographs tend toward a documentary approach, capturing the finest details of both her central subjects, and the surrounding landscape.

A photograph of a line of trees in the snowTree Line


I find Brandi’s use of lighting quite interesting in many of her photographs. This seems particularly relevant in the artist’s gallery of tree photographs – in some images of trees in snowy landscape, the artist captures a seemingly skewed white balance that, whether natural or artificial, lends the subjects a ghostly, ethereal glow. The same is true, though subtler, in photographs of birch trees, where the contrast between black knots and white bark become rather striking.

A screen capture of Brandi Maher's photography websiteBrandi's photography website,


Lighting still plays a role in Brandi’s images of birds and animals, though with these dynamic subjects the artist’s focus seems to shift to capturing movements, textural details and color. I enjoy the mix of photos in Brandi’s Birds gallery, which features both energetic action shots, and well-composed stills of birds sitting, observing.

A photo of a colorful bird on a fenceAerobics Time

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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