Copyright and Ownership: Art by Jill Magid

A photograph of an installation piece by Jill MagidThe Offering/Tapete de Flores (installation view), natural and artificial flowers, dyed sawdust, salt, glue

American artist Jill Magid creates conceptual multimedia installations that deal with themes of copyright and ownership, as wel as the dissemination of information. Magid’s practice often incorporates performative aspects, with the artist communicating and forming relationships with various people who have access to certain information.

A photograph of a gallery installation dealing with copyright issuesHomage (installation view at RaebervonStenglin, Zurich, Switzerland. Photo by Gunnar Meier), painting, drawing, letters, notes, video


I’m fascinated by the ways in which Jill blurs the line between art and life. Many of her artworks rely on the use of information that wouldn’t be accessible to the general pubic, leading Magid into collaborations with numerous friends and contacts within organizations, government and otherwise.


Technically, Magid’s works span a vast array of media and styles, though they often take the form of installations featuring found objects and documents, often in combination. The artist’s recent works have combined fine art with museum archives and real-world activism. In The Barragán Archives, for example Magid uses a variety of methods to unpack and examine the life and archives of Mexican architect Luis Barragán -- eventually effecting real-world change in the archive's accessibility.

A photo of an installation in a Paris galleryWoman With Sombrero (installation view at Yvonne Lambert gallery, Paris)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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