Large Forms, Color and Contour: Art by Linda Lang

An oil painting of an arctic glacierBylot Island Glacier, oil on canvas

Painter Linda Lang maintains an art practice that’s informed by expeditions to the Arctic circle, as well as conversations with conservation scientists and members of the Inuit community. Linda’s painting style is one that celebrates large forms, color and contour.

A painting of fog drifting in front of a glacial rock formationViking Fairytale -- Greenland, oil on canvas


Linda’s style – smoothly blended brush marks, planes of color, and the occasional gradient – seems ideal for depicting the artist’s chosen subject matter. I love how the artist’s Arctic landscapes seem to both the cold and the expansive majesty of that landscape. Many of the images are reminiscent of works by Canadian artist Ted Harrison.

Linda Lang's painting gallery on her art websiteLinda's gallery of arctic paintings


In our previous feature of Linda’s glaciers, polar bears and seascapes, we looked at the conservationist aspects of the artist’s practice. Linda is the founder of the Polar Artists Group and has led discussions on Arctic conservation around the world. I’m Looking forward to seeing how the artist’s portfolio has progressed in recent years.  

A painting of an iceberg breakingWatching the Iceberg Calve -- Antarctica 2013, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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