Organic Patterns: Art by Luis Pagan

An abstract painting made in pink and white hues11-19-2007 08;49;43PM

Luis Pagan is an abstract artist who creates his works by pouring paint onto a surface, allowing it to pool in interesting and organic patterns. The artist’s works range from large-scale topographical abstractions to artist trading cards.

An abstract painting with black and grey tones11-19-2007 11;09;59PM

Speaking of artist trading cards, I’m really enjoying looking through Luis’ gallery of ACEO and Art Cards on his portfolio website. These smaller works are almost like microscopic views of the artist’s larger works. The specimen-like, up-close aesthetic reminds me of work by J.D. Doria. I also find it interesting how the texture of Luis’ work changes on a smaller scale. Where the artist’s larger paintings tend appear polished and smooth to the touch completely smooth, these art cards have a fascinating sense of depth.

The front page of Luis Pagan's art websiteThe front page of Luis' art website,


In this gallery, Luis groups his works by color, and it’s fascinating to see the amount of variation that can be achieved with his painting technique, even when using the exact same combination of pigments. Each color evokes a different mood and atmosphere, ranging from fiery reds and yellows, to meditative combinations of blue and green.

A small abstract painting in green and yellowExpecto Patronum

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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