Internet Installations: Art by Rafaёl Rosendaal

A photo of an installation with changing images projected onto wallsGenerosity (installation at Towada Art Centre, Japan)

New York-based artist Rafaёl Rosendaal takes digital art to a new level with psychedelic internet installations. Working with large planes and geometric shapes of neon-bright color, Rosendaal creates works for both physical space and cyberspace.

A photograph of a gallery with paintings by Rafael RosendaalPortraits (installation at Steve Turner, Los Angeles)


Sometimes Rosendaal works in a more conventional digital style, presenting his works on large projector screens that cover walls and fill gallery spaces, displaying changeable colors and imagery that’s reminiscent of test patterns or error screens. Sometimes, too, the work escapes from the bounds of the purely digital, and these test patterns appear anachronistically on canvases like works by Bridget Riley, or as painted murals on other surfaces.


Especially fascinating are Rosendaal’s websites – each art piece sports a name ending in the obligatory “.com.” These artworks are visible in their originally-intended sphere simply by clicking a link or typing in a URL. By making these artworks instantly accessible to anyone with an internet connection, Rosendaal challenges the notion of galleries as “gatekeepers” to fine art.

A screen capture of manymoment.commany moment .com

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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