Headlines: Escher, Brooklyn, Bader

1) M.C. Escher Exhibition Coming to Brooklyn

M.C. Escher's artwork Relativity


The works of M.C. Escher are coming to Brooklyn. Escher. The Exhibition and Experience is set to open in June and will feature over 200 of the artist’s works, including some early landscapes from the period before he transitioned into optical illusions. The show will reportedly see a few of the artist’s works converted into photo booths so that visitors can truly enter the world of Escher --  and, naturally, take selfies inside of it. The Exhibition and Experience is a travelling show put on by the M.C. Escher Foundation, and has already appeared in Rome, Milan, and Singapore among other global locales.


2) Laura Schnitger Seeking Performance Volunteers

A photo of Laura Schnitger's Suffragette City being performed in Dresden


On behalf of feminist performance artist Laura Schnitger, New York’s Anton Kern Gallery is issuing a call for volunteers willing to collaborate on an upcoming project. The performance, titled Suffragette City, is set to take place during Frieze New York this May. The Gallery is seeking around 30 people who are able to walk for a distance while carrying about 10 pounds -- the approximate weight of one of Schnitger’s performance props. As an added bonus, chosen volunteers get into Frieze for free.


3) Controversy Over Brooklyn Museum's Curatorial Hires

A photo of the Brooklyn Museum


The Brooklyn Museum is under fire for hiring a white curator to oversee its African Art Department. Activists from the group Decolonize This Place published an open letter questioning the hiring of a white curator when the museum seemed to be presented with such an excellent opportunity to decolonize and uphold diversity. An op-ed by Teju Adisa-Farrar published in the Guardian on Tuesday called the decision “tone deaf” -- the author’s reaction was among several that felt the Museum should have taken a more inclusive approach to their hiring. Others took to social media to express their opinions that the issue at hand goes deeper than just one hire -- as writer and curator Kimberly Drew pointed out, “84 percent of curatorial positions are [currently] held by white people.”

4) Darren Bader Sells His Instagram Handle as Fine Art

Darren Bader's Instagram account up for sale


Now here’s a meta art piece for the 21st century -- conceptual artist Darren Bader is selling his Instagram profile (and Twitter handle) as pieces of “readymade art.” Artnet News has already drawn the comparison between Bader and readymade pioneer Marcel Duchamp, though Bader himself was quoted as saying “it would be depressing” if his artwork turned out to be a first for art and social media crossovers. While artists like Rafael Rosendaal have turned web-based platforms into art, social media accounts tend to only be purchased by corporations and celebrities looking to secure a recognizable name. Don’t be fooled by the list of comments on the post indicating “bids” on the work -- Bader’s Instagram handle is being sold for a fixed price.



Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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