Fanciful Custom Hats by Fifilabelle

A photo of a model wearing a floral garland hatFloral garland

Fifilabelle founder Fiona Menzies designs and creates fanciful custom hats. Currently based in London, England, Fiona creates her hat designs on a commission basis, helping customers put the finishing touches on formal outfits of all varieties.

A hat designed for a young girlA little girl's hydreangea hat


I love the variety of designs to browse through on the Fifilabelle website. Fiona’s designs range from simple and elegant to more whimsical, and large, head-turning headdresses. In the artist’s “Fans of Fifilabelle” gallery, she showcases her hats in action, worn by a variety of customers of all ages. Especially adorable are the artist’s small floral creations adorning the heads of babies and young children.

The front page of the Fifilabelle websiteThe front page of


There’s a sense of romance that runs through many of Fiona’s creations, in particular her bridal arrangements. With light, gauzy veils and an emphasis on white and floral accents, each bridal hat is one-of-a-kind, and seems well-suited to both the bride’s outfit, and her face.

A bridal hat with a veil and accentsBridal veiled and jeweled cocktail hat

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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