Vast Abstract Cosmos: Art by Nancy Ungar

A digital artwork with human figurative elementsThe God Spot

Nancy Ungar creates psychedelic artworks in both digital and traditional media. The artist combines abstract forms with frenetic line art and overlapping planes of texture and color to build up a vast abstract cosmos in each work.

An abstract digital artwork with a repeating patternMedusa's Domain


The works in Nancy’s current portfolio are all complex and layered, and seem designed to pull the viewer in for a deeper look. It’s quite fascinating to explore the abstract worlds that Nancy creates. I find this sense of endless depth is particularly pronounced in the artist’s digital works. As we saw in our previous feature of the artist’s work with mathematics and abstraction, sometimes the inspiration for her aesthetics comes from real scientific subjects, like the forms of microorganisms.

The front page of Nancy Ungar's art websiteThe front page of Nancy's art website


The darkened backgrounds in Nancy’s recent digital works set the stage for compositions that seem to celebrate the look and feel of digital rendering – rather than seeking to mimic the aesthetics of another form or medium, these works seem intent on creating worlds that can only exist in a digital sphere.

An abstract artwork made in digital mediaEndymion

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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