Cultural Experiences: Art by Leenda Bonilla

A photograph of an installtion in the shape of a sofaSofa Entre Dos Mundos

In her multidisciplinary practice, artist Leenda Bonilla draws on experience growing up in both New York, and Puerto Rico, using her artworks to explore and unite disparate cultural experiences. Outside of her personal practice, Leenda also works as an arts advocate and organizer of non-profit and community-oriented arts programs.

A detail photo of an installation centered on a sofaSofa (seat detail #1)


As we discussed in our previous feature of Leenda’s work with photography and identity, the artist often begins her work with the process of taking a photograph, capturing a scene or even just a mood, to be transformed into an immersive artwork.

A screen cap of Leenda Bonilla's art websiteThe front page of Leenda's art website


Much of Bonilla’s practice deals conceptually with the idea of immigration, cultural identity, and advocating for cultural and racial minorities. She often uses found objects and materials from everyday life to produce her works, infusing each installation with a sense of reality and providing viewers with an opportunity to relate to the piece on a more intimate personal level.

A detail photo of a sofa art installationSofa (city top detail #1)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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