Bodily Metamorphosis: Art by Caroline Boileau

A painting of a human figure and a large abstracted formLa peau de crapaud

Caroline Boileau maintains a multifaceted art practice that explores ideas of bodily metamorphosis, feeling, sensation, and space. Working in installation, drawing, performance, and other media, Caroline herself often becomes an integral part of her artworks.

A watercolor painting of an abstracted figureLa fée du lac, hier


I’m enjoying browsing through Caroline’s art portfolio at some of the artist’s recent two-dimensional work. In her drawings, the artist uses a visual language or organic, fleshy forms that immediately call to mind bodies and organs, while remaining abstract enough to call their exact identity into question. There’s something intensely visceral about these otherwise airy drawings – whether it’s the artist’s choice of deep, bloody red hues or the way that recognizable parts seem to meld and fuse in an unnatural fashion.

A screen capture of Caroline Boileau's art


Some of these drawings seem to carry themes from the artist’s other works, like the ongoing intervention Les cartes somatiques (Somatic Maps), in which the artist asks friends and strangers to map their personal stories, aches and pains in watercolor.

A photo of a person holding a somatic mapImage from ongoing project Les cartes somatiques

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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