An Emotional Journey: Art by Angela Scalisi

An artwork combining text with the idea of hidingHide & Seek

Angela Scalisi is an artist and art therapist who also works as a care partner for patients with illnesses including cancer and Alzheimer’s. Angela tends to use her artistic practice as a method of self-reflection, and a tool for expressing an emotional journey.

An artwork depicting a blurred figure in a round frameHunchedfigure


I enjoy the wide range of materials and media that Angela uses in her artworks. Using art as a therapeutic tool often means that Angela tends to focus more on the process of art making than on the medium or indeed, the specific outcome. In many cases, the inclusion of numerous found-objects and the collected, assembled nature of the artworks lends to the idea that the process is one of difficult, painstaking, but rewarding labour.

The front page of Angela Scalisi's art


In our previous feature of Angela’s work, we looked at the ways that the artist uses her practice to explore and relate experiences with medicine, whether those are Angela’s own experiences, or those of a friend or client. I look forward to seeing more of Angela’s recent artworks.

A composite image of an installation relating to illnessWho's Listening (installation), mixed media and sound

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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