The Spark of Life: Art by Marion Krahn

A painting depicting crashing waves and a dark figureOmnia Vincit Amor III The Mermaid and The Sailor, acrylic on canvas

Marion Krahn is a BC artist currently based in Kelowna, where she works out of The Spark of Life Studio. Marion’s art practice is focused on acrylic, watercolor and mixed-media paintings of sea and sky, with the artist taking an abstracted approach to conjuring dramatic images.

A painting of a warm-toned, violent seascapeUndo Amor, acrylic and mixed media


I really enjoy the way that Marion evokes a sense of movement and vastness in her works. While the paintings tend toward abstraction, most include one or two small details or compositional choices that ground them in the visual language of landscape painting. In Marion’s Maritime Series, for example, most of the canvas is covered over with mottled, pale blues, greens and whites, with dappled highlights creating the appearance of crashing waves – but small patches of darker color draw the viewer’s eye and create a rocky outcropping or island as a focal point.

A screen capture of the front page of Marion Krahn's art


In our previous feature of Marion’s peaceful and subdued paintings, we also looked at the way the artist uses photography – her photographs seem to stand alongside her paintings, reinforcing the idea of landscape as a starting point.

An abstract painting with botanical referencesFall Moon Rising, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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