Combining Visual Languages: The Portfolio of Darien A-Johnson

A ceramic and mixed-media abstract sculptureAbraaaasion (alternate view), porcelain, mixed media

Darien A-Johnson is originally from Minnesota. The artist has lived throughout the US and in Copenhagen, Denmark -- spending a few years there as a full-time studio artist. After moving to Atlanta, Georgia, Darien now teaches as an assistant professor at Atlanta State University, while maintaining a studio practice in which he plays with combining visual languages.

A detail photo of a porcelain abstract sculptureJust in the is Fleeting (detail), porcelain, mixed media


I appreciate the way that Darien explores form in his artworks, often addressing the divide between the real and the digital; the actual, tactile world, and the illusions that many of us interact with each day.

A screen capture of Darien Johnson's art


In many of his works, Darien uses ceramic and mixed media elements to evoke the texture and aesthetic of digital “glitch” art, a style of art that explores the aesthetic appeal and signified meaning of moments where code and digital formats break down. I find Darien’s ceramics fascinating in the way that they combine multiple forms and textures into a single piece that seems both whole, and ever-changing – intriguingly nebulous, yet solid enough to grasp.

An abstract porcelain formScriiiiiii, porcelain, mixed media

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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