Evoking Emotions: The Portfolio of Drew Noel Marin

A painting with a small seedling on a textured grey backgroundRooted, acrylic on textured canvas


Featured artist Drew Noel Marin is based in Michigan, where she creates painted works in acrylic on textured canvas. Drew’s paintings showcase the artist’s eye for color-blending and abstract composition, evoking emotions or distant memories more than specific images.

A diptych painting of grey abstract planesNew Trail (diptych), acrylic on textured canvas


I’m enjoying browsing through Drew’s gallery of available artworks – the artist’s technique of combining abstraction with figurative elements creates paintings that draw the eye with a central form, letting the viewer move on to explore the different colored planes and the ways in which they merge and blend.

A screen capture of Drew Noel Marin's art websitewww.drewnoelmarinart.com

 The figure of a sprout or seedling seems to occur frequently in Drew’s recent works. The relatively tiny scale of these figures lends each work a sense of vastness, and the subdued background colors -- in contrast to the bright green of the small leaves -- create another dichotomy between sharp focus and dimmer, imaginative wanderings.

A painting of a sailboat under a large pink skyPeriwinkle Glow (collaboration with Sally Adams), acrylic on textured birch panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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