Abstracted Viewpoints: The Portfolio of Stuart Diekmeyer

A photo of some berries with water droplets on themNandina Berries

Stuart Diekmeyer is a photographer who grew up in England and now lives and works in Maryland. Throughout his practice, and in recent works, the artist has experimented with minimalism and abstracted viewpoints.


A photograph of a covered window on a streetErice 2


I really appreciate the way that Stuart’s photography exposes new angles to everyday objects, plants, and other forms that might seem mundane at a glance. In the artist’s series Artomatic 2017, each image captures the organic form of a single leaf, branch, or blossom in such close-up detail that the forms seem alien; otherworldly. I especially enjoy the artist’s use of color and lighting in these images – rather than a cool black and white, the artist has opted for an almost greenish sepia that maintains some of the earthiness of his subject matter.

A screen capture of Stuart Diekmeyer's art websiteThe front page of Stuart's online art portfolio


These subdued photographs remind me a bit of work by L.M. Braun or Hunter Madsen. Even Stuart’s earlier photos have a certain quiet, minimalist sense about them, a combination of simple or desolate subject matter and a monochromatic or desaturated palette.

A  desaturated photo of a hibiscus blossomHibiscus

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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