Classical Facets: The Art Portfolio of Francesca Profili

An art print depicting a sculpted maskWater Art Mask, art print on canvas

Francesca Profili creates painted mask sculptures that project landscapes and scenery onto human faces, combining two classical facets of painting into a very contemporary whole.

An art print depicting a mask reflected in still waterStill Water Mask, art print on canvas


The artist’s masks have a theatrical edge, but a different function than the masks of Pamela Schuller, for example. Francesca’s masks aren’t meant to be worn but rather seen from the outside, as sculptural objects. The faces seem to lend personality to the landscapes and natural elements that merge with them, creating a spiritual feeling – like the faces represent mythological figures or deities interacting with certain landscapes.

The front page of Francesca Profili's art websiteFrancesca's art portfolio website


Francesca’s text relating to each mask artwork tells a unique story that reinforces this spiritual side of the sculptures. Each one comes with a dense, rich symbolic background – the viewer can opt to read these texts to enrich their own understanding pf the artwork, before or after forming their own unique interpretations.

A sculpture with a mask and found woodTruth, acrylic paint, composite paper, clay laminate, natural wood

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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