A Cosmic Approach: Daniel T. Lopez' Art Portfolio

A mural depicting Latino culture at Mendocino County CollegeMendocino College Mural (detail)


Daniel T. Lopez is a painter and muralist who takes a cosmic approach to public and community art projects. Daniel’s works, sometimes produced in collaboration with fellow artist Dano Lopez, are energetic, colorful celebrations of life and culture.

A painting of the concept of creationCreation as a constant Process


In our previous feature of Daniel’s works, we looked at the way the artist uses his practice to foster a sense of community and introspection. Daniel’s murals have been designed for colleges, community centers, and outdoor spaces – places where they can be seen and enjoyed by a wide demographic. The works often deal with Mexican and South American mythological or spiritual subject matter, as well as contemporary Latinx issues.

A screen capture of Daniel T. Lopez and Dano Lopez' art websiteDaniel and Dano's art website

In smaller, more personal works, both Daniel and Dano showcase an eye for abstract compositions, and color. In these paintings, there’s a little more space to play with color and volume, and both artists run with the theme, exploring heavy, confident brush marks and innovative methods of applying pigment.

An abstract painting with black lines over blue and red formsCharting the Quanta, acrylic on canvas (by Dano Lopez)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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