A Love of Surfing: The Portfolio of Steven J. Simmons

A fiberglass wave on canvasWave, fiberglass and mixed media on canvas


Steven J. Simmons creates artwork that centers on his love of surfing. Working in three dimensions, the artist takes inspiration from the forms of not only ocean waves, but of leaves and plants.

A steel sculpted wave lit by LEDsOnda Azul De Fierro (night view with LED lights), steel, fiberglass, epoxy resin, spray paint, acrylic, phosphorescent, LED lights (collaboration with Jerry Schmidt)


I really enjoy Steven’s use of a variety of different media in his sculptural works. Many of his waves use fiberglass as a construction material, and the unique, shiny, synthetic texture lends a fascinating sense of surrealism to each of these waves. I feel like I want to get right up close and examine them. In other works, the artist has collaborated with steel sculptor Jerry Schmidt to add an extra dimension of tactility to his waves.

A screen capture of the front page of Steven J. Simmons' art websitewww.stevenjsimmons.com

Steven himself also works in glass and steel, for example in his leaves. These works utilize similar forms including flat planes and undulating, curved surfaces. It’s interesting to be able to look at Steve’s works and find parallels between all of these different shapes and forms in nature – the works showcase the artist’s observational ability, and his own unique perspective.

A leaf made from steel and glass materialsSteel and Glass Leaves

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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