Vicky Smith's Portfolio of Wood-Fired Ceramic

A wood-fired clay sculpture of a birdLift Off, stoneware with porcelain slip, wood-fired

Vicky Smith is an artist and sculptor who works primarily in wood-fired ceramic. The artist’s recent works use birds as a motif, incorporating winged specimens as free-standing sculptures, as well as more subtly into the forms of vessels.

A shallow vessel with a bird sculpted designUntitled


I enjoy the unpolished, natural aesthetic that Vicky employs in her works. Many of the artist’s works use recognizable shapes in such a way that one would almost believe that these sculptures were natural formations. In more heavily-manipulated works the artist still maintains a slightly weathered, aged look, leading to sculpted forms that could have been uncovered at an archaeological dig.

The front page of Vicky Smith's art


The recent bird sculptures in Vicky’s wood-fired birds series are really interesting. The subtle hint of color elevates these into something carefully constructed, and the pieces have a distinct personality that might not be present in a more polished format. They have a certain sturdy, durable look -- browsing through these works I get the sense that these are pieces that will stand the test of time.

A sculpted bird with a heavy basePicking Bird, stoneware with porcelain slip, wood-fired

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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