Historical Artworks: The Art Portfolio of Sarah James

A black and white patterned etchingAlcazar, etching

Artist Sarah James was trained in painting but now primarily works in print media. Sarah’s prints often utilize geometric grids and straight lines, expressing the artist’s interest in the rectangle as a significant form in historical artworks.

A stone lithograph depicting a shadowed shapeFiesole 1, stone lithograph


I love the way Sarah incorporates this spiritual geometry into her printed works. While the artist’s works tend to be fairly simple in terms of color palette and form, there’s always a sense of great impact and meaning – the simplicity of the imagery lends the works a talismanic, symbolic quality.

A screen capture of Sarah James' online portfolioThe front page of Sarah's art portfolio website


In a few of her recent stone lithographs, Sarah has added a third dimension to her geometric forms, creating dark, shadowy images of rectangular forms in three dimensional environments. There’s a fascinatingly ominous sense about these works, both in the depth of the artist’s shadows, and in the stark appearance of the highlighted shapes.  

A stone lithograph depicting some shadowy boxesFiesole 2, stone lithograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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