Odist Tattoo: Heather Lefebvre's Art Portfolio

A tattoo of a gauntlet holding a strange daggerUntitled

Heather Lefebvre of Odist Tattoo creates artworks dealing with a variety of subject matter, from the dark and macabre, to the familiar. The artist’s tattoo work includes a range of animals and objects in colour and black-and-white.

An upper-arm tattoo of a shark and other wireframe shapesUntitled


As we saw in our previous feature of Heather’s work with occult and animal imagery, the artist’s portfolio of personal artwork has a satisfying sense of cohesion. Many of the images in this gallery focus on a sense of symmetry in their composition, lending them the appearance of gilded book illustrations in an ancient manuscript – or perhaps a book of spells.

A screen capture of Heather Lefebvre's Odist Tattoo portfolio sitewww.odist.ca


This symmetrical, heavy-outlined aesthetic sometimes carries into Heather’s tattoo work as well. Recent tattoos have seen the artist using an adaptable style, tailoring the amount of detail and the overall appearance of a work to the client’s specifications. Brightly coloured, stylized works sit neatly next to highly detailed and blended black-and-white pieces.

A line art tattoo of a wolf's headUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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