Paintings of Animals: The Portfolio of Jennifer Sparacino

A painting of a black bear in a treeLittle Blue Bear, acrylic on canvas

Jennifer Sparacino creates intensely vibrant paintings of animals. Based in Chilliwack, BC, Jennifer’s subject matter includes local animals like rabbits and bears, as well as inhabitants of tropical locales like tigers and colourful birds.

A long painting of a tiger in the jungleJungle With Tiger, acrylic on canvas


I really enjoy the sense of focus in Jennifer’s artworks. The artist’s paintings manage to look wildly energetic even when the composition is a relatively simple close-up portrait of a single figure. In our previous feature of Jennifer’s colourful paintings of west coast wildlife, we looked at the way the artist tends toward a simplified, monochromatic background. This is still true in many of her 2018 paintings, but in some the artist renders lush foliage and other natural backgrounds with the same stylized confidence as her animals.

The front page of Jennifer's art portfolio


Jennifer also demonstrates an expertise with colour theory in the way that she utilizes planes of colour to create volume. Darker shades are pushed back by bright yellows, reds, and lime greens, allowing the viewer to get a full picture of both foreground and background.

A painting of a white rabbit in the snowMorning Light Stillness, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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