Textured Mixed Media: The Art Portfolio of Kenn Raaf

A painting of an empty spot in a cityIn Memoriam, oil paint and New York Times clippings from 09/11/2001 on panel

Kenn Raaf creates dark, heavily textured mixed media works with subject matter ranging from the abstract to the macabre. The artist sometimes incorporates novel materials into his compositions, such as newspaper clippings, found objects, and elements of sculpture.

A three-dimensional portrait made with found objectsTeddy's Psalm, found items and mixed media


The gallery on Kenn’s art portfolio website showcases the artist’s range in terms of both subject and materials. In some paintings, the focus is on figures, though human figures are often presented as partially obscured or cast in a darkly emotional, mysterious light. Some of these works remind me of paintings by likes of Francis Bacon – there’s a similar sense of torment or uneasiness in many of Kenn’s works.

A screen capture of Kenn Raff's art websiteKenn's art portfolio website


When the artist veers into full abstraction, he often employs mixed media (including paper, paint, wire, and glass) to create a cohesive aesthetic. The artist tends to work almost sculpturally, building up layers of materials on the surface of a work – a process that’s echoed in his three-dimensional sculptures.

A triptych painting held together with a wire frameSlap and Bound, oil and newspaper collage on canvas under wire (triptych)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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