Sculptural Artworks: The Portfolio of Sean Sweeney

An artwork made from discarded construction materialsUntitled, plexiglass, altered ceiling panels, epoxy resin, latex paint

Sean Sweeney is a conceptual installation artist based in Baltimore. The artist creates sculptural artworks from found objects, often using a subdued colour scheme and hard-edged geometric designs with occasional interventions.

A framed iphone photographUntitled, iPhone photo on paper in artist-made frame


In our previous feature of Sean’s works, we looked at the way the artist’s sculptures seek to utilize and illuminate the detritus of construction. The artist’s work with found ceiling tiles remains a novel example of found-material sculpture and I find that the act of framing and hanging (or otherwise displaying) a ceiling panel – even one that’s been left relatively untouched – draws interesting parallels between artistic expression and contract construction.

A screen capture of Sean Sweeney's art portfolio

I really enjoy the way Sean sparingly incorporates bright colour into his works. One ceiling panel is given a new breath of life with a coat of lime green paint, while some of the artist’s original paintings express colours in test-pattern-esque combinations. I’m looking forward to seeing more of what Sean has been working on in recent years!

A painting of an abstract geometric patternUntitled, spray paint on canvas over panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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