William Kent's Portfolio of Panoramic Landscape Photos

A photo of a rocky mountain range in fogRock in Fog

Photographer William Kent evokes the scale of nature in his expansive, panoramic landscape photos. William’s images capture every detail of a scene in crisp, clear detail, inviting the viewer to linger in every corner of the picture plane.

An infrared photo of a treeOn Road to Cape Blanco 3, infrared photo


In our previous feature of William’s intensely saturated images, we looked at the way William celebrates colour in his works. The artist’s photos are often vibrant, capturing the bright reds and oranges of an autumnal forest with the same careful precision as the brilliant earth tones of the Arizona desert. William has also taken a series of photos using infrared, creating desaturated scenes that have a curious sense of the uncanny about them.

The front page of William Kent's photography portfolioWilliam's art portfolio website, www.willphoto.ca


I particularly enjoy the warm neutral shades that appear to fill in for sunlight in the infrared photos. They seem to cut away some of the harshness of pure black-and-white photography, leaving images that look pleasantly aged or weathered.

An infrared photo of vines covering a treeMorning Walk in the Forest, infrared photo

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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