Still-Life: The Art Portfolio of Jacqueline Janecke

A photograph of an apple treeNo. 45, photograph

Jacqueline Janecke is a photographer and stylist who creates beautifully rustic floral, food, and still-life arrangements. Jacqueline’s art portfolio is as much about showcasing individual works as it is about creating a cohesive overall aesthetic.

A photo of several floral arrangements on a tableUntitled, floral arrangements


I really enjoy the crispness of Jacqueline’s imagery. Whether she’s photographing flowers and plants out in the wild, or creating her own arrangement, there’s a certain sense of romanticism that seems to underpin the majority of the artist’s works. Jacqueline favours bright, natural lighting and manages to maintain a clean look even in food and flower designs that feature a cornucopia of dishes or blossoms.

A screen capture of Jacqueline Janecke's art websiteThe front page of Jacqueline's online art portfolio


I’m reminded of classical French paintings, in the way that Jacqueline’s works highlight the deep, lush greens and red hues of fruits and blooms. In our previous feature we compared Jacqueline’s work to that of food stylist David Grenier, though I could also draw parallels between Jacqueline’s work and the illustrations of Joel Penkman, and the way both artists elevate food into something beautiful.  

An aesthetically pleasing plate of pastaUntitled, food styling

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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