The Photography Portfolio of Eric Deis

A photograph of a lone tree in a barren landscapeSpared, archival pigment print mounted on aluminum

Today’s feature is our very own Eric Deis. Eric’s photography portfolio is packed with bright, expansive photographs that capture multitudinous detail in refreshing clarity.

A photograph of a rotting boatRot, archival pigment print, mounted on aluminum

Looking through Eric’s portfolio, the artist’s cityscapes and nighttime scenes stand out. In our previous feature of Eric’s photography, we focused on these panoramic views of urban space. These photographs are beautifully impartial, capturing a look and feel that’s as true-to-life as possible – after looking at one of Eric’s photos of a city street, I really feel as though I’ve been there.

A screen capture of Eric Deis' photography portfolioThe front page of Eric's art portfolio,


While many of these photographs are dense with figures and details, I also rather enjoy the works where Eric takes a simpler visual approach. Photographs like Brown Study capture a different viewpoint of an interior space, finding beauty where one might not expect to see it – something like the work of Hunter Madsen.

A photograph of some cardboard boxes in a brown-hued roomBrown Study, archival pigment print mounted on aluminum

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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