Adaptable Style: The Art Portfolio of Jeanne Kollée

A painting of a field of purple flowersWhen Lavender Whispers, oil on canvas

Jeanne Kollée paints and creates artworks in an impressively adaptable style. In her art portfolio, Jeanne explores visual aesthetics including impressionism, abstraction, and mythology, treating each with an enthusiastic, experimental approach.

A painting of some flowers spilling out of a large vaseFloral Portico, oil on canvas

In our previous feature of Jeanne’s colourful, changeable style, we looked at some of the artist’s impressionist and abstracted works, noting the gorgeous range of colours that she utilizes. The artist’s recent works capture that same gestural painting approach. Many of these works feature floral forms and appear in varying degrees of abstraction.

The front page of Jeanne Kollee's art websiteJeanne's art portfolio website,


It’s interesting to see Jeanne’s floral and figurative paintings next to her abstract colour studies – I can see some of the textures and hues that she uses in her abstracts reappearing to help realize the forms of plants and other objects. Even when these colourful abstract textures appear as backgrounds, they serve to tie Jeanne’s body of work together and create a sense of cohesion.

A painting with green and yellow tonesSummer, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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