Geometric Forms: The Art Portfolio of Jorge Puron

A painting of geometric forms on a dark groundRecuerdos #6, acrylic on canvas

Jorge Puron’s artworks are monolithic, minimalist images that celebrate pure, focused colour, negative space, and geometric forms. Born in Mexico and now based in Texas, Jorge spends time collaborating with other artists living around the Mexico-U.S. border as well as working on his personal practice.

A stylized geometric painting of a mountainSierra Madre #1, acrylic on canvas


I adore the unapologetically bright colours that Jorge employs in his artworks. In his series of work from 2018, the artist shows no sign of toning it down or blending his colour. As a self-taught painter, Jorge tends to avoid allusion to art historical movements or outside figures in his work, instead focusing intently on the space created within the four edges of a canvas.

The front page of Jorge Puron's art websiteJorge's art portfolio website,

Each of Jorge’s paintings is an experiment that seeks to discover how certain colours and forms, overlapped or placed adjacent just so, will relate to one another or alter the viewer’s perception. It’s fascinating to look at Jorge’s works in series and see how a single colour can look completely different depending on its surroundings.

A painting with square planes and lines of colourVentana Destino Oaxaca #2, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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