A Portfolio of Exploratory Artworks by Anastasia O'Melveny

A painting of bright white blossoms on branchesWinter Blossoms

Anastasia O’Melveny is a painter and mixed media artist who expresses her love of animals, nature, and psychology through her work. Based in Massachusetts, Anastasia builds her practice around observational, exploratory artworks.

A heavily textured painting of rain in the mountainsRain in the Mountains


I love the heavily layered, painterly aesthetic of Anastasia’s recent paintings – in many, the artist’s brush marks are confidently visible, creating a painting that’s confident in its existence as such. The subject matter of these works ranges from pastoral landscapes to still-life and animal portraits. There’s a clear sense, throughout Anastasia’s art portfolio, that the artist truly enjoys and relates in some way to the subjects of her works.

A screen capture of Anastasia O'Melveny's art websiteAnastasia's art portfolio website


Anastasia also explores other media, including collage. I find Anastasia’s collages rather interesting. The compositions on view in this series tend to be loose and imaginative, with ideas and imagery layered on top of one another, emulating something similar to an organic thought process. 

A collage with scenes of landscapes and animalsWhere Do I Think I am Going, mixed paper collage

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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