The Art Portfolio of Figurative Painter Richard Mountford

A painting of a male dancer in dark clothingDance Practice, oil on canvas

Richard Mountford is a figurative painter based in Wales. The artist’s works encompass a range of subject matter from classic portraiture to still life and contemporary themes. Richard’s style is painterly, with thick layers of pigment creating smooth volumes and a beautiful sense of depth in his works.

A series of portraits of a young girl in a pink wigThe Pink Wig, oil on canvas


I find Richard’s Shoe Series quite interesting to look at as a whole. I find it really intriguing to see an artist explore a series of forms that are both extremely similar and different in subtle ways. Such a series showcases the specific elements of Richard’s style, and makes it easy to find the common ground in how he treats his subjects, or those moments where the artist has tried something different.

A painting of a red haired man in a blue shirtThe front page of Richard's art portfolio website


The richness of the colours in Richard’s paintings invites prolonged viewing – I find it easy to get lost in the details of one of Richard’s paintings. The faces in the artist’s portraits are wonderfully expressive, and seem to capture the personality of the subject along with their physical features.

A painting of a pair of pink Doc Marten's bootsPink DM's, limited edition print (from oil on canvas painting)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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