Sculptures and Installations: The Art Portfolio of Hollis Roberts

A soft sculpture made from a thick woven fabricStep around #1, fabric

Hollis Roberts is a sculptor who works with textiles and various found materials, creating artworks that find the intersection between the ordinary and the unexpected. Hollis’ sculptures and installations invite viewers to investigate the true nature of seemingly familiar forms.

A sculpture made from fabirc on a square frameSometimes, things are hard


I really enjoy the heavy, woven textiles that Hollis creates and uses as the basis for many of her sculptural forms. Shaped together into bolts and rug-like forms, these corded pieces of fabric take on the appearance of a carpet or a throw blanket, but rarely act like it within the gallery space. Instead, placed on walls and floors, they confound a viewer’s expectations, forcing a longer look and analysis.

The main page of Hollis Roberts' art portfolio websiteHollis' art portfolio website


I also really appreciate Hollis’ title conventions. The titles that the artist assigns to her works are a little bit poetic, though always grounded in reality. They’ll often form simple sayings like Sometimes, things are hard. The mundane-yet-profound feeling of one of these titles enforces the same reality for the art object itself.

A metal sculpture casting an interesting shadow on the floorPush, repurposed chair, steel, ball bearings, galvanized wire

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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