Graphic Portraits: The Art Portfolio of The Queen of Tape

A custom tape portrait for Dylan's Candy BarDylan's Candy Bar

Chicago artist Anna Dominguez is better known as the Queen of Tape. Using the novel medium of tape, Anna creates brightly coloured, graphic portraits of athletes, celebrities, and other pop-culture symbols. The artist’s body of work takes a fun and playful approach to playing with a new medium.

A tape portrait of Gigi HadidGolden Olympics (Gigi Hadid)


In our last feature of the Queen of Tape’s artworks, we looked at the way the artist manipulates tape into a range of different styles, from slightly abstracted cityscapes, to portraits that riff on classical imagery, adding colour and a contemporary flair. Anna’s current portfolio still features celebrity portraits, though the artist often takes a lightly humorous approach, creating so-called “bobblehead” figures of the sort that are often seen in caricatures and cartoons.

The front page of the Queen of Tape's art


In recent years, Anna has refined her tape artworks, producing series like Flying Crown, where the image of a cartoon crown with wings is repeated over bright gradient backgrounds of pink, blue and teal tape. These pieces are easy to visualize as a hip addition to a living space or office.

An artwork with flying crowns on a light pastel backgroundFlying Crowns (Sorbet)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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