Otherworldly Forms: The Art Portfolio of Osvaldo Mesa

An abstract painting with bulbous formsRemembering, oil on canvas

Osvaldo Mesa creates abstract artworks that deal with otherworldly forms. Working primarily in oil paint, Osvaldo’s bizarre yet detailed forms subvert his viewer’s expectations of abstraction and surrealism in painting.

A painting with a bright pattern as a backgroundA passing glance, oil on canvas


As we discussed in our previous feature of Osvaldo’s surreal forms, there’s a palpable sense of symbolism in these paintings – the artist embraces an aesthetic that hearkens to classic surrealism, like the work of Rene Magritte or Salvador Dali. Though Osvaldo’s figures are not recognizable, they do function within his works as figures. Especially in the way that they’re painted with careful blending and detailed shapes and volumes.

A screen capture of Osvaldo Mesa's art portfolio websiteOsvaldo's portfolio website


There’s a certain biological and organic sense to these figures – many of the paintings call to mind organs, skin, bodies. Occasionally, an undercurrent of sexuality is present. Osvaldo’s backgrounds don’t spell anything out for the viewer. When the artist does include other figures (often just as bizarre) they seem very deliberate – as if the artist is sending his viewers a specific message to be decoded.

A painting of a pattern and a rope-like formWanting to Remember, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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