The Design Portfolio of John Greg Ball

A memorial time capsule build for the SAIT's centennialSAIT -- 100 year time capsule

John Greg Ball is an artist and industrial designer based in Calgary, Alberta. John’s design portfolio includes numerous designs for household objects, as well as pieces devised for public spaces.

A digital rendering of a time capsule memorial for SAITSAIT 100 -- final rendering


It’s interesting to see all the collaborative work that’s gone into the projects in John’s art portfolio. One recent collaboration, between John and a planning committee of eight others, saw the construction of a time capsule for the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. The capsule, constructed for the school’s centennial and is set to be opened in 2116, comprises both a functional capsule and a fascinating public artwork.

A screen capture of John Greg Ball's design portfolio websiteJohn's design portfolio website


John’s style tends to vary depending on who he’s collaborating with, and the nature of the project, but there’s a certain cohesion between all the objects and projects in the designer’s portfolio that speaks to a clear sense of aesthetics and functionality.


A photo of a custom designed bus shelterBridgeland Bus Shelter (designed with Carlyle + Associates)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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