A Sculpture Portfolio by Sarah Martin aka Fallingmoss

An artwork consisting of dyed and balled-up textilesAnimal Fibers: Mound Series, shibori-dyed wool and silk

Sarah Martin, a.k.a. Fallingmoss, creates works of sculpture and installation using found materials, wood, clay, textiles, and more. The overall aesthetic of Sarah’s sculpture portfolio is natural and rugged, with works that embrace the rough edges and imperfections of nature.

A sculpture made from green feltI Can Hear The Tree's Siing, felted, shibori, merino, silk


I really enjoy Sarah’s textile work. The pieces in this gallery combine organic forms with man-made materials – the artist’s careful use of the Shibori dyeing technique brings forth a sort of randomness in the production of these works, bridging the gap between textile and natural form. In Sarah’s Mound Series, blobs of lumped up textile and dye turn into alien forms that seem to reference coral and fungus bodies.

The front page of Sarah Martin's art portfolio websitewww.fallingmoss.com


Sarah’s works with clay, wood, and other materials have a similarly organic aesthetic, though some of these the artist pushes toward a more man-made look and feel by coating objects in gold leaf. The resulting pieces, as well saw in our previous feature of Fallingmoss, have a curiously magical look. I look forward to seeing more of what Sarah has produced in recent years.

A close-up detail of a textile artworkAnimal Fibers (detail), shibori-dyed wool and silk


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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