Gothic Scenes: The Art Portfolio of Rebecca Chaperon

A painting of a fantasy scene with a pool of waterSpellwork, acrylic on canvas

Rebecca Chaperon is an artist based in Vancouver, BC, who specializes in dreamy, gothic scenes and narrative illustrations. The artist works in a lush, painterly style with deeply saturated hues of green, blue, and pink.

A painting of a lone woman with snakesSnake Lake, acrylic on canvas


I really enjoy the somewhat gestural quality of Rebecca’s painting style, and the way the artist adjusts her technique to be more -- or less -- detailed when a figure or scene demands it. The resulting work contains moments of strict volume and hard geometric edges, interspersed with ghostly, melting figures that leave the viewer with a sense of something uncanny.

A page from Rebecca Chaperon's online art portfolioRebecca's Imprint series on her art portfolio website


Rebecca’s figures – usually alone, and usually female – seem to reference and represent a witchy attitude. Her lone figures, while surrounded by bizarre wilderness and crystalline forms, seem confident and somehow powerful. Though the artist’s paintings lean into the paranormal and the supernatural, her “characters” have a refreshing sense of agency therein.

A painting of a figure in black in a warm-hued settingShadow Self, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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