A Portfolio of Photographs and Paintings by Joseph Peter Sullivan

A manipulated abstract photographic imageyou are my constant 2

Joseph Peter Sullivan has lived throughout the United States and continues to travel, though he is currently based in Minneapolis. The artist creates photographs and paintings that express an interest in abstraction through light, shadow, and texture.

An abstracted photo of a stairwellUntitled


I really enjoy Joseph’s photographs. These works play with the viewer’s expectations of what a photograph can be, and what information it can reveal or keep hidden. In Joseph’s Present Works and Self Portrait gallery, the photographs magnify tiny spaces and interactions – sometimes between various manmade materials, sometimes small moments captured in grass, feathers, or other organic forms. In some cases, the original subject matter of the photo is largely unrecognizable.

The front page of Joseph Peter Sullivan's art websiteJoseph's photography portfolio website


Joseph’s paintings of pop culture “monsters” – like Jabba the Hut and the abominable snowman – are an interesting take on a classical portraiture format. The vast, inhuman forms of Joseph’s subjects take up most of the picture plane and become almost landscapes by their own rights.

A painting of Jabba the HutUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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