The Storyboard and Concept Design Portfolio of Alan Wade

A digital drawing of a man on a bikePharma

Alan Wade is an illustrator who works in film and advertising, creating storyboard and concept design work for commercials and other short pieces of media. Based in London, Alan has worked with a variety of companies in the United States and the U.K.

A concept sketch for a headache medication advertisementPharma -- Headache RX


It’s really fascinating to look through Alan’s storyboards and see how a commercial or TV spot comes together. The artist’s drawings are gestural, but they pack a surprising amount of detail into each frame, giving the viewer a clear picture of what each frame of the finished product will look like. Given that Allen works collaboratively on these projects, it’s nice to see how consistent then artist’s style remains even while assimilating a wide variety of other input.

A screen capture of Alan Wade's art

As we saw in our previous feature of the storyboard artist and illustrator, Alan also produces works of illustration for children’s publications. These illustrations represent a more polished side of the artist’s personal portfolio and showcase Alan’s illustrative skill.

A drawing pf a scary sewer monsterThe Scary Sewer Monster

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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