Intersectional Elements: The Art Portfolio of Wynne Palmer

A photo of a wooded pathUntitled

Wynne Palmer is an interdisciplinary and media artist located in Vancouver, BC. The artist works in a wide variety of media, but tends to incorporate intersectional elements of technology and nature into many of her pieces.

A distorted digital image of Elvis Prestleyelvis has left the building 1.0


In our previous feature of Wynne’s works, we looked at the way the artist uses her varied electronic and film-based media to delve into social and psychological consciousness. There’s a cohesive sense to Wynne’s entire portfolio, despite the artist’s tendency to use a variety of seemingly disparate media.

A screen capture of Wynne Palmer's art portfolio


I also really enjoy Wynne’s photographic works. In the context of her overall portfolio, these quiet works, sometimes made in black and white, read like explorations, research, and background information that could conceivably form a groundwork for a performance, installation, or film. The photos themselves are clean and often saturated, focusing in on single settings and elements, similar to the photography of Jane Southey.

A black and white photograph of some old treesUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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