Confounding Categorization: A Portfolio by Laine Godsey

A sculptural artwork made with various found objectsRealistic Model 1, turf, sand, Styrofoam, acrylic, found objects

Laine Godsey is an installation artist and sculptor who produces works confounding categorization. Laine frequently uses found objects and materials in her works, leading to an aesthetic that’s widely varied yet still cohesive.

A plush piece of upholstery with an amorphous formShapewear 1.0, vinyl, nylon, polyfill


The works in Laine’s recent series Making Realistic Models consist of both sculpture and photography. It’s interesting to view these works as a series -- as a viewer, I find myself naturally inclined to see patterns and direct allegories within sets of two images. A photo of an outdoor industrial structure is immediately followed in sequence by a photo of a sculptural installation that -- though vaguely -- seems as though it might echo the form in the previous photo.

The front page of Laine Godsey's art


I enjoy the way the artist incorporates both hard, industrial materials and soft textile constructions into her work. It creates a sense of contrast within the works, but also seems to ensure that the artist is never backed into an aesthetic corner.

A photo of an abstract art installationBriar Patch

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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