The Traditional Felting Portfolio of Karen Wyeth

A hand-felted pillow coverSunlit Meadow Cushion, 100% heavy cotton with printed image

Karen Wyeth is a textile artist based in the Midlands of England. In her practice, Karen primarily works in traditional felting techniques, sometimes combining felting with hand embroidery and sewing to create images with a unique texture and aesthetic.

A felted image of a Barcelona streetMediterranean Cafes, Placa de la Vila de Garcia, hand-felted pure merino wool and silk with free machine embroidery and hand stitching


I really love the way that Karen’s chosen medium translates into floral and landscape imagery. In her Original Textile Pictures gallery, Karen showcases her talent for turning blended planes of brightly coloured felt into figurative images. In many of these works, particularly in the artist’s floral images, felting forms the image’s base, creating a texturally cohesive sheet of different colours. The artist then uses sewing and embroidery to form outlines and fine details like flower petals and stems.

The front page of Karen Wyeth's art portfolio websiteKaren's art portfolio website


There’s something about these textile works that’s almost reminiscent of watercolour painting -- the way that the background colours bleed out of the line art is very deliberate in Karen’s textile pieces, but still evocative of the random blending and diffusion of a more liquid medium.

A floral piece of hand-feltingRanunculus, hand-felted pure merino wool and silk with free machine embroidery and hand stitching

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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