Travel Photography: A Portfolio by Susan Raines

A photo of a boy standing near a sign warning against feeding birdsJeff

Susan Raines is a photographer based in the Washington, D.C. area. Susan’s portfolio is packed with colourful travel photography, figures, and black and white portraiture.

A photo of a mural on the exterior of a buildingBig Eyes


Susan has worked as a photographer on both a professional and personal basis.The photographs in her black and white portrait gallery largely feature the artist’s friends and family members, sometimes posed candidly, other times in a more businesslike studio setting. According to the artist, many of these works were taken at a time when she was working for magazines and other publications on a professional basis. As such, these works have a very intimate sense about them, very separate from the artist’s polished commercial work.

A screen capture of Susan Raines' art websiteSusan's photography website,


In more recent series, Susan has photographed a variety of subjects -- architecture, landscapes, and people -- from far-reaching locations in New Orleans, Southeast Asia, and Italy. I love the amount of colour in these works -- they’re both realistic and almost impossibly vivid.

A photo of a young Vietnamese couple with a cowYoung Vietnamese Couple with Cow

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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